Expression of Interest for the Pawsey Partner Merit Allocation Committee

Call for Expression of Interest in Pawsey Partner Merit Allocation Committee

The Pawsey Partner Merit Allocation Committee is responsible for allocating shares of the Setonix supercomputer to meritorious research projects based on a consideration of the project’s requirements, merit of the project and overall resources available.

Terms of Reference for the committee can be found here.

Pawsey is seeking additional committee members to support the current committee and expand the scope of research domain expertise to cover new and emerging domains. Appointments will be for a term of one to two years.

Expressions of interest are welcomed from appropriately qualified researchers, particularly in the areas of: 

  • Data Science and Machine Learning  
  • Bioinformatics and Life Science 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics 
  • Quantum Computing 
  • Astrophysics  
  • Materials Science

Researchers from other areas are also welcome to apply.

Selection criteria

The Merit Allocation Committee for the Pawsey Partner scheme is composed of individuals who:

  • have at least a doctoral qualification,
  • have previous experience as a user of Pawsey services,
  • represent one of the Pawsey Partner institutions.

Diversity of research domains, research institutions, and individuals on the committee will be considered when appointing new members.

Selection for committee membership is assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Research excellence: Strength and significance of research achievements relative to career opportunities. Relevant evidence including a record of significant publications in high-impact journals and success in attracting competitive research funding in the scientific domains identified in this call.
  • Knowledge/experience in computational and/or data-intensive science: Demonstrated expertise in a relevant field of computational and/or data- intensive science, including personal achievements in the use of large-scale computing facilities and/or data-intensive methods, and, as appropriate, the development and implementation of software.
  • Breadth of experience/knowledge: Capacity to contribute broadly to the work of the committee in both research and computational assessments and, particularly in areas that may be outside of the applicant’s immediate field of expertise.

Overall consideration is also given to the principle of committee balance and the requirement for the committee to have a mix of skills to be able to assess the balance of applications that are submitted to the Partner scheme. Committee members will be required to declare any conflicts of interest with project submissions, and treat information made available to them during the review process as confidential. 

How to apply?

Please provide:

Submissions should be emailed to by 30th August 2024.