Innovative storage service showcased by Pawsey in Rome

Pawsey innovative approach toward seamless integration between computing resources and storage was showcased by Luca Cervigni, Systems Administrator and Mark Gray, Cloud Lead, during CS3 Conference in Rome.

Each year Scientists from all over the world come together at The Cloud Storage Services for File Synchronization and Sharing conference otherwise known as CS3. The conference showcases innovative storage systems and integration with user environments to enable progress in data sciences including local laboratory, regional collaborations and global science.

Attending the three-day conference in Rome, Mark and Luca, demonstrated Pawsey’s new Sync services, with a focus on converging heterogeneous filesystem.   Pawsey Sync is the new pilot sync and shares service at Pawsey aiming to empower researchers with seamless integration between storage systems and allow heterogeneous workflows between HPC, cloud, and data sharing.

This new service will also allow a smoother data migration to future and more converged filesystems. This service is part of the Pawsey Capital Refresh funding for 2019-2022.

Presenters included representatives from AARNet, Australian Research Data Commons, Dropbox, Amazon, ownCloud, European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), European Commission – Joint Research Centre, among others.

Pawsey staff joined by Pawsey’s Chief Technology Officer, Ugo Varetto, also took the opportunity to meet with, Prof Maria Girone at CERN, the world’s biggest particle physics laboratory, to discuss opportunities for collaboration that could benefit the Australian and European research ecosystem.


To view Pawseys presentation click here.

Luca Cervigni during his presentatiion at CS3