Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Summer internships: Call for students is NOW OPEN!

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is pleased to announce that the Pawsey Summer internship: Call for students is NOW OPEN!

The 2020/21 Pawsey Summer Internship Program is offering a paid internship during the Australian summer period.

In step with Pawsey’s $70 million infrastructure refresh, the 2020/2021 Pawsey Summer Internship Program has been refreshed!

Over the next 3 years, the Pawsey Summer Internship Program will focus on research projects targeting:

          Computational science                      Large-scale simulations

          Data science                                        Large-scale data processing

          Grand Challenge* problems              Machine learning

          Next-generation computing              Visual analysis

*Projects focused on making a significant impact on a given scientific computing discipline

What remains the same is the calibre of interns we’re seeking and our Internship goals – enabling undergraduate students to develop skills through immersion in computing research projects.

The timeframe for Intern applications, shortlisting and notification is:

  • Mid August – Applications for Interns Open
  • Mid September – Applications for Interns Close
  • Mid October – Shortlisted Interns Notified
  • Late October – Interns Confirmed
  • 23 November 2020 – Internship Starts
  • 12 February 2021 – Internship Finishes

Are you wondering what it is like to take part in a Pawsey internship? Check out the internship video below of Siobhon Egan, who is now a PhD Candidate at Murdoch University:

Interns will be partnered with competitively awarded projects. They will work alongside national and/or international supervisors and collaborators.

Interns will also learn from Pawsey Supercomputing Centre staff about good practices of using Pawsey resources, good practices for poster creation/presentation, techniques for business communication, and more.

The Internship program includes virtual induction trainings. Through these trainings, interns will learn more about supercomputing, data management and scientific visualization. They’ll network with other interns and set up a Community of Practice.

As a condition of award, Pawsey Interns will be expected to:

  • Be available for the entire duration of the Internship Program
  • Attend the virtual training series throughout the internship
  • Make satisfactory progress across the internship period
  • Submit a project report, present a project poster, and create an experiential video


  • Vacation students are required to complete a National Police Check (NPC) as part of CSIRO’s on-boarding requirements. The cost of a NPC is between $55 – $72 if obtained via Australia Post or the Australian Federal Police.

Application forms are available via CSIRO jobs site, here. 

Magnus, the Pawsey Supercomputer

Magnus, the Pawsey Supercomputer

Pawsey Galaxy