Characterization of Coals and Development of Boiler Combustion Model for a Super-critical Boiler

Optimization and improvement of a working coal fired boiler, undergone with some CFD aids involvement. Coal burning power plants spread around the world and are one the worse alternatives, with respect to environmental aspects. Economically, coal is ways cheaper than other energy resources, per unit of energy. Therefore, it is too difficult to convince all industries and governments to stop burning coal.

Principal investigator

Hari Vuthaluru
Magnifying glass

Area of science

Energy, Energy Materials, Energy Minerals, Fuel and Energy Technologies

Systems used

Magnus and Zeus

Applications used

Partner Institution: Curtin University| Project Code: Director2002

The Challenge

The main goal is to minimize the stack contaminants by improving operational conditions, to make coal burning boilers, less harmful for environment.

The Solution

Reaching possible better operating variables to achieve the goal and reduce the power-plant’s carbon footprint around the globe.

The Outcome

The model is too complicated to be solved on a single PC and Pawsey’s infrastructure makes it possible to dealt with.

Allocated budget used to benchmark and prepare an application for Pawsey 2019 allocation round, as well as preparing preliminary model to be validated by actual information.

List of Publications

Too early to publish outcomes.