Design and Manufacturing of a 6000m depth Rated Medium Work Class ROV’

In this project, we simplify the Remove Operated Vehicle (ROV) to a cube and simulated the flow around the cube using Openfoam. This will help us to achieve a fundamental understanding about the flow field around the object. The research outcome will help for designing various under water vehicles

Principal investigator

Hongwei An
Magnifying glass

Area of science


Systems used

Magnus and Zeus

Applications used

Partner Institution: The University of Western Australia| Project Code: Pawsey0140

The Challenge

Flow around ROVs is extreme complicated due to the complex geometry of the ROVs, but it is important to understand the flow field for designing the ROVs since it affects the ROV operation significantly.

It is a great challenge to simulate the full flow field around ROVs. The high computational cost makes the job not feasible for desktop PCs.

The Solution

Therefore we simplify the ROV geometry to a cube shape and we take advantage of the parallel computing through Pawsey facilities.

The Outcome

With the support from Pawsey, we were able to simulate the flow around a cube systematically. Detailed flow fields were captured with great accuracy. This provides improved understanding about the flow field.

List of Publications

Figure 1. The Wake of a cube in steady current