MWA Epoch of Reionisation

The Epoch of Reionisation project aims to probe the first billion years of the Universe when the first stars and galaxies formed. In this period, hydrogen gas permeated the Universe, and we can observe this gas with low-frequency radio telescopes, such as the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA). As the first stars and galaxies formed and shone, they evaporated this gas by ionising the protons and electrons, thus changing the signal observed with our telescopes. This project uses data from the MWA to try to explore this important era in the Universe's history.

Principal investigator

Cathryn Trott
Magnifying glass

Area of science


Systems used

Magnus, Zeus, Galaxy and Data Storage

Applications used

Python, C, RTS
Partner Institution: Curtin University| Project Code: mwaeor

The Challenge

The signal emitted by neutral hydrogen is incredibly weak, and buried within very bright signals from our own Galaxy and other galaxies. This makes its detection very challenging, and requires petabytes of raw data from the telescope. This amount of data, and the complexity of the data require high performance computing resources, clever processing algorithms and large storage facilities

The Solution

The incredibly large amount of data, and the complexity of the data require high performance computing resources, clever processing algorithms and large storage facilities. The University environment does not have access to the HPC facilities required for this project, but does house the expertise in radio astronomy, data analysis and algorithm development through the research team. It is the marriage of external, long-term HPC and academic expertise that can realise these scientific projects

The Outcome

Pawsey provides the computational, networking and storage needs for the project, while the research team develop and maintain the complex algorithms through software development and application. This is a multi-year project, and the long-term commitment of Pawsey to this project have made it possible to execute and achieve.


List of Publications

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Publication Date: 05/2018

Figure 2. ForA_shif_fire: New model for Fornax A based on improved MWA angular resolution (B. McKinley)