Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership (PMCP)

CSIRO in partnership with The University of Western Australia has conducted the first ever regional-scale assessment of the conditions of – and threats to – the Pilbara coasts and its coral reefs. The partnership, known as, The Pilbara Conservation Marine Partnership (PMCP), concluded in 2017 and was funded by the Gorgon Barrow Island Net Conservation Benefits Fund. The fund is administered by the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife and approved by the Minister for Environment after considering advice from the Gorgon Barrow Island Net Conservation Benefits Advisory Board.

Principal investigator

Dirk Slawinski Dirk.Slawinski@csiro.au
Magnifying glass

Area of science

Data Management

Systems used

Managed Storage

Applications used

web based data access
Partner Institution: CSIRO| Project Code: L000022

The Challenge

Long term storage of publicly accessible datasets.

The Solution

Enabling access to data via web based resources.

The Outcome

To provide storage accessible via the web.