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Supercomputing Team

Pawsey’s Supercomputing Team is responsible for providing the infrastructure to fulfil the needs of the Australian research community and to engage with that community to make best use of the infrastructure.  As part of this highly skilled team of professional specialists and developers, the successful candidate will work collaboratively with researchers to assist them in exploiting the vast opportunities afforded by the infrastructure operated in the Pawsey centre to support the supercomputing needs of priority research areas such as radio astronomy and energy & resources.

Supercomputing Applications Specialist

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has two positions available for Supercomputing Application Specialists.

  • Technical  role at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
  • Provide specialist advice and software enhancement to research groups.
  • Connect researchers to the vast opportunities afforded by the Pawsey centre infrastructure.

Specifically you will:

  • Provide specialist advice and software enhancement to research groups, drawing on extensive expert knowledge and experience to enable their utilisation at scale of significant supercomputing resources at Pawsey.
  • Engage with new researchers, communities and disciplines with supercomputing and data-intensive computing (in conjunction with the Pawsey Data and Visualisation teams).
  • Assist research groups to integrate highly parallel codes into their workflows.
  • Undertake technical assessment of applications for computational resources through merit allocation schemes.
  • Identify suitable technologies, tools and algorithms relevant to user activities and encourage adoption so as to improve the productivity of the research community.
  • Undertake collaborative uptake projects selected through competitive merit.
  • Engage in and undertake strategic projects such as the Square Kilometre Array (where requested).
  • Assist in the development of materials such as case studies and papers demonstrating the results of supercomputing projects.
  • Identify technical areas of researcher knowledge for improvement and develop appropriate training material for delivery by members of the Supercomputing team.

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Supercomputing Systems Administrator

  • Technical role at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
  • Provide systems support for operation of the Pawsey supercomputing infrastructure
  • Ensure high-performance computing resources and related services meet its service expectations

Specifically you will:

  • Be responsible for systems support for the operation of Pawsey supercomputing infrastructure, including but not limited to flagship supercomputers, commodity Linux clusters and high-performance parallel filesystems.
  • Assist with the maintenance on Pawsey supercomputing infrastructure, including liaising with key stakeholders regarding timing and scope of maintenance.
  • Undertake problem-solving at a high level for systems and workflows.
  • Ensure effective response to system support issues via request tracking.
  • Manage faults and maintenance interactions with vendors.

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Data and Visualisation Team

Data Scientist

  • Are you experienced in client/stakeholder engagement?
  • Passionate about best practices in data science
  • Join Pawsey – a world-class supercomputing centre

As a member of the Data and Visualisation Team at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, you will manage and support services related to Data Science. You will also provide key strategic advice to the relevant Pawsey staff. The applicant will be required to demonstrate at least three years of experience in client/stakeholder engagement. Direct experience in managing projects that deliver compute and data services to the research community is an essential part of this role, and previous experience would be highly regarded.

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