Why Quantum? Pawsey’s first online event

Following its recent collaboration announcement to develop Australia’s first quantum-supercomputing hub for innovation, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre hosted its first online event. It was an exemplary showcase of quantum computing, with industry experts answering our questions around Why Quantum?

Both industry representatives and researchers across Australia joined the event, which used to be a sundowner at the Pawsey Centre. They heard researcher presentations panel members; Professor Jingbo Wang, Professor Lloyd Hollenberg, Dr. Maciej Cytowski (Pawsey) and Marcus Doherty (Quantum Brilliance).

The presenters touched on the new paradigm in science and technology that quantum computing is. It promises to solve problems that are otherwise intractable, which was built on the foundations of physics and shrinking electronic components. If Moore’s Law were still true, we would currently have over 800 GHz of processing power in laptops, instead, we are still only really around 2.4.

This is where quantum computing can change the game. Quantum computation is a radical departure of information and technology. It can solve hard, but practical problems from health, drug discovery, traffic design, investment portfolios, graph partition, lattice paths, the travelling salesman problem and more.

The key takeaway from the event was that the possibilities of quantum computing are endless, we just need to get started.

Did you miss this Pawsey Friday? It is now available on Pawsey’s YouTube channel to watch.

This event will be followed by an industry focused quantum event, look out for it here.

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Professor Jingbo Wang, The University of Western Australia

Professor Jingbo Wang, The University of Western Australia

Lloyd Hollenberg , associate professor of physics at the University of Melbourne

Quantum Brilliance, Dr Marcus Doherty and Dr Andrew Horsley

Ugo Varetto Pawsey CTO