Presenting Pawsey: AYRO 2019

Luke Edwards, Pawsey Data Specialist, presented an introductory information session on Pawsey at this years’ Achieve Your Research Outcomes (AYRO) series, hosted by the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Luke presented Pawsey in a 45-minute information session to an audience of potential users. The presentation introduced what the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is and what services it provides, how the Centre can support Australian researchers and how researchers can apply to use Pawsey’s services. Impactful case studies like Dr. Carolyn McGregor’s research Protecting Lives of Premature babies, were showcased to demonstrate how Pawsey is accelerating scientific research outcomes. Luke also seized the opportunity to promote upcoming Pawsey events like the Perth HPC-AI Conference and The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, as well as the callout for Pawsey Uptake Projects.

The presentation sparked several questions from the audience, which Luke found promising in gaining future users. Pawsey’s presence at AYRO was ultimately successful, establishing new connections with potential users.  Three training registrations were also made immediately after the presentation.

Although Pawsey’s national reach is growing, there are still pockets within the research community that are unaware of Pawsey. Outreach and engagement activities like presenting at AYRO, are fundamental to increasing Pawsey service uptake.

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AYRO is a two-day event to help researches achieve their research outcomes through education on UWA’s research functions.